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October 2014.

Extended Spring cleaning time here at alt-flix towers - where does all this dust come from? Best film we've seen of late is Svengali - great cast, top story. The film was made on a micro budget via word of mouth and a little help from social media. What is not to like.

Check out this article on Wes Craven remakes from a new contributor to alt-flix Brandon Engel. We hope to have more from him soon.

The Academy Awards this year were a suprise - for a change, in that much of it accorded with our own selections with one large exception - Gravity. Gravity is an entertaining film that is visually and technically impressive and no doubt has raised the bar in what can be achieved technically, but with so many very strong films this year it is slightly suprising that it was so popular with the academy in non-technical categories. 12 Years a Slave deservedly picked up best film, and should have picked up best Director too. Nebraska, Philomena and Her would have been hugely deserving winners too. Matthew McConaughey as best actor was no surprise but Bruce Dern's and Chiwetel Ejiofor's performances were both worthy of Oscars. Blue Jasmine had some superb perfomances and Cate Blanchett won best actress, whilst Sally Hawkins must have been reserve winner in losing out to a spellbinding performance by Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave).

Being major folksters and Coen brothers fans, we were ridiculously excited about the Coens' new film Inside Llewyn Davis. We weren't dissapointed, whilst it's certainly not the finest work of the Coens, it is still a magnificent film, and includes a brilliant performance by a cat too.

Another film we would like to point you in the direction of is Nebraska. Directed by Sideways director Alexander Payne we reckon it was the film of 2013. It managed to miss out for all of the six Academy Awards it was nominated for. Bruce Dern would have probably scooped Best Actor in most other years.

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