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July 2015.

Another summer has arrived and the cinemas are largely given over to school kids munching through bucket upon bucket of popped corn, whilst watching the latest 3D blockbuster. This summer there seems precious little alternative. In fact what has particularly caught our eyes recently has been a few music related films some, of which you will be lucky to catch. First off is the biggy, the Amy Winehouse doc titled Amy. The documentary has been put together by the team behind Senna, and if they manage to do as amazing job with Amy's story, then it will be worth catching. Next is The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson, Julien Temple's engaging take on the one-off that is legendary Dr Feelgood guitarist and survivor Wilko Johnson. Lastly is Heaven Adores You, the wonderful bio-pic of late genius singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, this is still finding plays here and there around the country. If your local cinema hasn't showed it you can now get it on blu-ray and on-demand.

Finally, and on a very different tip, is The Goob. People of a certain age will remember the series of Screen Two films of the 1980s / 90s - this would fit perfectly into that slot. A film set in the Fens, telling the tale of a young man wishing for a better existence than the one he sees before him. This is the kind of film that compliments a summer night at the cinema. Playing in selected cinemas now (near you if you are very lucky) and it will be released direct to your homes in September.

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