Film: Anita and Me 12 rating Year: 2002
Anita and Me DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Metin Huseyin
Starring: Chandeep Uppal, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Meera Syal, Ayesha Dharker, Anna Brewster

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Anita & Me Synopsis - Anita & Me is set in the Midlands in 1972 and centres around a 12 year old girl named Meena. Meena is living with her Indian parents who came to England to find a better life. Meena likes to write and enjoys the fantasy world that is a long way from the reality of dreary England, with both its latent and violent racism. Meena's parent are very keen for her to work hard so she can get into the Grammar school because, as they constantly remind her, she will have to work harder and be much better than any English to person to be able to get a good job. Meena however, still in her fantasy world, is discovering other culture outside of her family. When she meets local "bad un" Anita, she sees a whole new world open up before her, a world of music, clothing and being bad. But just as this new world opens up events conspire to make her question whether she needs to make a choice about what she wants for her life.

Review of Anita & Me - Anita & Me is both an exceptionally funny and a poignant film by the fantastic Meera Syal. "Me and Anita" is a worthy successor to her debut feature - the tremendous "Bhaji on the Beach". One aspect that stands out in the film is the attention to detail and the fact the film does look particularly evocative of the dreary 1970's. The cast is superb with the likes of Kathy Burke, Mark Williams and a fantastic Lynne Redgrave supporting the tremendous lead actors.
The reasons I recommend Anita & Me are: 1. A superb and poignant story, allied to a hugely amusing script. 2. The performances of the whole cast - most especially Chandeep Uppal, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Ayesha Dharker and Lynne Redgrave.