Film: Clockwork Mice 15 rating Year: 1995
Clockwork Mice DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Vadim Jean
Starring: Ian Hart, Claire Skinner, Art Malik, Catherine Russell, James Bolam

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Clockwork Mice Synopsis - Clockwork Mice is set in a school for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children and centres around new teacher Steve. Steve is determined to make a difference with the kids he teaches, but he has a lot to learn as the kids have lots of problems and it soon becomes clear that there is no quick fix. Steve starts to make real progress in being accepted and trusted by the children, but one of the children, Conrad, is more of a challenge. With the support of the other teachers things seem to be going well, but given the kids difficult circumstances nothing can be taken for granted and things can change very quickly and unpredictably.

Review of Clockwork Mice - Considering the subject matter, it would have been easy for this story to have drifted into a warm and sweet film. Luckily the more realistic line is taken and the story doesn't pull any punches in showing that the life of both the teachers and the pupils is very hard. The script has a great deal of integrity about it and the actors have taken a similar approach to their roles. Ian Hart and Claire Skinner both give outstanding performances.

The DVD version of Clockwork Mice is very hard to find and commands very high prices. So scout around on Ebay etc or buy the VHS version.

The reasons I recommend Clockwork Mice are: 1. A superb story which tackles a very difficult subject both realistically and sympathetically. 2. The cast assembled including the main actors and kids are excellent.