Film: Gosford Park 15 rating Year: 2001
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Robert Altman
Starring: Kristen Scott Thomas, Stephen Fry, Richard E Grant , Kelly McDonald, Maggie Smith

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Gosford Park Synopsis - Gosford Park is set in the 1930's and centres around a shooting party weekend in a large country house. Sir William and Lady Sylvia McCordle have invited a disparate gathering of friends and relatives for the weekend. As the wealthy and privileged guests begin to arrive, their own servants join with the house servants and settle in for the weekend. As time goes by they begin to show their true colours, and when a murder is announced the eyes of suspicion have many places to settle.

Review of Gosford Park - Gosford Park is a terrific subversion of the familiar Agatha Christie style murder mystery. If Robert Altman had wanted to do a straight ahead period authentic murder mystery then this would have been considered a brilliant piece of work on its own as its beautifully shot, the sets are amazing and the acting is first rate. But added into that, the element of sending up the genre and the very witty dialogue, it makes this film something of a modern masterpiece. The whole cast is a something of a who's who of the best in British acting talent and they all seem to be up for their roles. I must say that Stephen Fry is nothing short of brilliant in the hilarious role of the lumbering and inept Police Inspector sent to investigate the murder.
The reasons I recommend Gosford Park are: 1. A superb cast all at the top of their game. 2. A fantastic story with amazing dialogue. 3. The film is stunningly shot with the most beautiful sets.