Film: Liam 15 rating Year: 2001
Liam DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Stephen Frears
Starring: Ian Hart, Claire Hackett, Anne Reid, Julia Deakin, Bernadette Shortt

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Synopsis - This film is set in Liverpool during the depression era of the 1930's. The film centres around Liam a young child growing up in a poor but happy family. With the confusing and scary preaching's of his teachers and priest ringing round his ears, the world outside his house seems a frightening place. Things take a turn for the worse when at the height of the national depression the local shipyard closes and Liam's father is made unemployed. As time passes without being able to get another job, his father's pride begins to slip and he begins to fear he might never work again. Then the Blackshirts start marching on the streets of Liverpool and he begins to feel they are the only people who will help and make things right for him and his own.

Review - This is a very powerful and affecting film (given the screenwriter is Jimmy McGovern you wouldn't expect anything less). Given the subject matter this film could have been quite heavy going but it is enthralling from beginning to end, and skillfully steers clear of any easy answers. Ian Hart again demonstrates he is without doubt one of this country's finest and most credible actors.
The reasons I recommend this film are: 1. A terrific story of how people can lose their way in difficult circumstances. 2. A fabulous performance by Ian Hart.