Film: Made In Britain 18 rating Year: 1982
Made in Britain DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Alan Clarke
Starring: Tim Roth, Eric Richard, Geoffrey Hutchings, Bill Stewart

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Made In Britain Synopsis - Made In Britain centres around a young racist skinhead (Trevor) in the midst of the early eighties recession in England. Trevor, is seemingly both intelligent and articulate, but is at odds with society and is determined to do whatever he wants to do and cause any amount of trouble for fun. Trevor has been in trouble with the authorities on many occasions and, after the last incident (a racially motivated attack on a shopkeepers window) he is sent to a residential assessment centre. The staff there are keen to get Trevor to comply with the system (or "to keep his nose clean") and try the good cop/ bad cop routine to try and get him to start behaving in order that he doesn't end up in prison. All their efforts are met with gleeful contempt by Trevor. Can they keep Trevor on the straight and narrow, or will his refusal to bow to any authority, and his pathological need to show defiance lead him into the logical conclusion and prison?

Review of Made In Britain - Ok, this is a TV movie but as it such an influential film I thought it deserved to be on the list. David Leland's script is a particularly insightful piece of work. Not only does it tackle a few very unpleasant issues, not least the racism amongst the young, but it does so in a way that doesn't conform to the usual stereotypes, which was very brave. Alan Clarke again proves what a masterful director he is by coaching some amazing performances out of Tim Roth (spellbinding in his first proper role), Eric Richard (you may know him better as Sgt Bob Cryer from "the Bill" - who is fantastic in this role and its a wonder that he didn't get much more film work as a result of this performance) and also a veritable Tour De Force performance by Geoffrey Hutchings as the Superintendent who tries to offer Trevor a way out of his seemingly downward spiral.
The reasons I recommend Made In Britain are: 1. A superb script tackling issues in a new way. 2. The performances of the main actors in this TV film are of top quality. 3. The way this is shot (using steadicam) takes you right into the heart of the action.