Film: Orphans pg rating Year: 1997
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Peter Mullan
Starring: Douglas Henshall, Gary Lewis, Rosemarie Stevenson, Stephen McCole

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Orphans Synopsis - Orphans is set in a Glasgow on the eve of a family of three adult brothers Thomas, Michael and John and their disabled sister, Sheila, burying their mother. A storm is brewing through the night and each of the siblings are in their own turmoil faced with the vacuum of their mothers loss. Thomas, the eldest, is gripped by grief and stays in the church overnight to stay with his dead mother. Michael gets into a fight defending his brother from ridicule and is stabbed in the stomach and starts losing blood, but instead of going to the hospital he hits on a plan of turning up for work in the morning, in order to make out he was injured at work and to claim compensation. John sets out to kill the man who stabbed his brother. Sheila leaves Thomas' side to set off home but her wheelchair breaks down and she is taken in by a kind family and given shelter for the night. In this maelstrom of emotion and adversity, will the family be split apart for ever or can they be reunited to move on together.

Review of Orphans - Orphans is an dark, deep and very powerful tale of loss of both family life and seemingly community. Despite the fact that it is a touted as an extremely dark comedy, and there are comedic elements to the story, the serious elements under study here - i.e. loss of family, community, compassion etc puts in much more into the realm of a dark drama. The script by Peter Mullan is amazingly thought provoking, and the whole film comes together superbly under his direction.
The reasons I recommend Orphans are: 1. A great story with real depth. 2. A superb directorial debut by Peter Mullan. 3. A superb soundtrack of incidental music.