Film: Some Voices 15 rating Year: 2000
Some Voices DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Starring: Daniel Craig, Kelly Macdonald, David Morrissey, Julie Graham

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Some Voices Synopsis - Some Voices is set in West London centres around the character of Ray who suffers episodes of mental illness. The story commences after he has recovered from his last bought and has been released back into the community and into the care of his very protective brother Pete. Ray struggles to come to terms with keeping well, as Pete struggles to keep his business and private life afloat whilst trying to guide Ray back into "normal" life. Some salvation seems possible when Ray meets and falls in love with Laura who is rather unpredictable herself. As Ray feels his life is getting back to normal, he considers whether he is well enough to stop taking the drugs that were prescribed to keep his mental illness at bay, but that also have side effects. What will Ray decide and how will this affect both his state of mind, and his relationships with others?

Review of Some Voices - Some Voices is a very tender and thoughtful study of mental illness. I consider this film to be buried treasure. The film didn't receive a particularly high level of press attention upon release (either on film or DVD) which is a shame as the film is so good it deserves a wider audience (hopefully Daniel Craig's promotion to the big league playing James Bond, and the recent high profile work of both David Morrissey and Julie Graham will achieve just that). All of the performances are of the highest order by this ensemble cast.
The reasons I recommend Some Voices are: 1. A terrific screenplay. 2. Daniel Craig's sensitive portrayal of a young man coping with mental illness. 3. A terrific cast of the four leading actors (most of whom were relatively little known then at the time, but have gone on to be major film or TV stars.