Film: Stella Does Tricks 18 rating Year: 1996
Stella Does Tricks DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Coky Giedroyc
Starring: Kelly McDonald, James Bolam, Hans Matheson, Ewan Stewart, Andy Serkis

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Stella Does Tricks Synopsis - Stella Does Tricks centres around the life of a young prostitute Stella. Her pimp Mr Peters, keeps a grip on her life but Stella's dreams are her own. She manages to get away from the scene and start a new life with Eddie, her boyfriend, and finds a job working on a flower stall and things begin to look better. But escaping from the ties of the past are not always simple, especially when those around her just seem to be dragging her back to the same old situations.

Review of Stella Does Tricks - Stella Does Tricks is a very poignant but also very harrowing story which pulls no punches, which at times makes for extremely difficult viewing. The story veers away from the archetypes that you would normally expect in such a story, and there is a real integrity about it. Kelly McDonald yet again proves what a great and consistent actress she is, ably assisted by the sinister James Bolam as the pimp.
The reasons I recommend Stella Does Tricks are: 1. A tremendous film tackling a very harrowing subject. 2. The performance of Kelly McDonald is stunning.