Film: The Canterbury Tales pg rating Year: 1972
The Canterbury Tales DVD Cover
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Country: Italy Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Starring: Hugh Griffith, Franco Citti, Tom Baker, Robin Askwith, Nicholas Smith

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The Canterbury Tales Synopsis - This film is the familiar medieval story of Chaucers Canterbury Tales. A group of travelers meet in a Tavern, in readiness to walk on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, and start telling various tales to each other. Each tale has its on moral (and indeed) morals attached to it.

Review of The Canterbury Tales - An odd but brilliant film. The overall plot is of the prospective pilgrimage is all but lost in this version of the film, and the tales themselves are presented here loosely linked and rather isolated. The Canterbury Tales is in most part visually stunning, and in other parts has the look and style of e a medieval version of the Benny Hill show. The tales themselves are the stars and provided that you can get over the mostly English actors of varying abilities, being terribly dubbed into Italian, then I'm sure you will enjoy the stunning fables told here
The reasons I recommend The Canterbury Tales are: 1. A super series of tales. 2. The films hugely impressive visuals. 3. A terrific soundtrack of traditional music.