Film: Christiane F 18 rating Year: 1981
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Country: West Germany Genre: Drama
Director: Uli Edel
Starring: Natja Brunckhorst, Thomas Haustein, David Bowie

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Christiane F Synopsis - Christiane F is set in Berlin in the 1970's and centres around a schoolgirl named Christiane. Christiane is a seemingly normal 14 year old girl living with her mother and little sister, who starts to get into music, and even though she is underage goes to a club. In the club she meets a boy called Detlef who she falls for. He is a drug user and in time she starts using drugs too. She eventually becomes a heavy user and is drawn into a lifestyle that revolves around no more than getting money for drugs and taking drugs. With her addiction spiraling can she escape the bleakest outcome.

Review of Christiane F - This very powerful story is based on a true story. The attitude to drugs is realistic rather than preachy that you may expect from a more mainstream film. That is not to say that drugs are glamorised in Christiane F, and the realistic portrayal of the life of an addict is certainly not glamorous. The realistic portrayal of the story is only slightly hampered by the appearance of David Bowie at his gig, but this is a minor criticism. The performances of the cast are excellent, especially the Natja Brunckhorst as Christiane who is superb throughout the film.
The reasons I recommend Christiane F are: 1. A tremendous story that chooses integrity rather than sensationalising, the subject of drug use and addiction amongst youngsters. 2. A faultless portrayal of the title character by Natja Brunckhorst.