Film: Diva
Country: France Genre: Short (6 mins)
Director, Writer, Producer: Josephine Mackerras
Cinematography: Chris Fawcett
Starring: Thomas Courcoul, Gael Marhic
Diva - promotional poster
Watch the trailer of the short on the Diva myspace site. Or get further information about Diva at the Onearth Productions site.

Diva Synopsis - Escaping his home-town that completely rejected him, alone, Vincent goes to Paris to be entirely Herself, but life is never that simple.

Diva Review - Diva is one of those very rare beasts, a short film that is both engaging and satisfying. Of course in common with the very best shorts films it is also frustrating as hell as it leaves you aching for a feature length version to find out the whole story. What Diva skillfully and effortlessly includes in its just over 6 minutes running time is: a simple story which immediately draws you in; a roller coaster of genuine and (for a refreshing change) genuinely believable emotions; a superb portrayal of the lead character Vincent; and some hugely impressive cinematography (Chris Fawcett).

Added into the mix is a very effective soundtrack, some beautiful steadicam shots of metropolitan Paris, and one of the best chase sequences since the shoplifting chase scene through the streets of Edinburgh in 'Trainspotting'.

I have to say that short films are often self-conciously aimed at 'the industry' and, therefore, do not stand alone as a piece of entertainment. Diva, however, avoids that pitfall and that is testament to the considerable skills (and considerable potential) of both director / writer Josephine Mackerras and cinematographer Chris Fawcett.

Here is hoping that we get to see much more of their work in the future, and at the very least, an extended short of Diva.