Film: La Jetee pg rating Year: 1962
La Jette DVD cover
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Country: France Genre: Sci-fi
Director: Chris Marker
Starring: Jean Négroni, Hélène Chatelain, Davos Hanich, Jacques Ledoux

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La Jetee Synopsis - La Jetee is set in France in a future where the world has been decimated by nuclear war. The humans who survive enter into frantic research into time travel in the hope that they may be able to send someone back to the past to help their situation. Meanwhile a lone figure relives a once forgotten childhood memory that could have a deeper meaning than he had ever realised.

Review of La Jetee - La Jetee is actually a short film (approx 30mins) but it is such a great film that I wanted it included in the list. The film itself is actually a series of still photographs that tells the story, twixt with the narration and this really does help engender a bleak post apocalyptic atmosphere. The story is fantastic (and was the basis for Terry Gilliam's film" Twelve Monkeys"). Both the photography and the narration are absolutely beautiful and helps make this one of the most innovative films ever made.
The reasons I recommend La Jetee are: 1. A beautifully shot and hugely innovative piece of cinema. 2. Beautiful narration of the story. .