Film: Lilja 4 Ever 18 rating Year: 2002
Lilja 4 Ever DVD Cover
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Country: Sweden Genre: Drama
Director: Lukas Moodysson
Starring: Oksana Akinshina, Artyom Bogucharsky, Lyubov Agapova, Liliya Shinkaryova

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Lilja 4 Ever Synopsis - Lilja 4 Ever is set in a poor village in the former Soviet Union state of Estonia and centres around 16 years old Lilja. With her mother moving to the USA, Lilja is left alone in a run down apartment with little money, to dream of a better life. In desperation and loneliness she begins picking up men in nightclubs for money. She then meets and falls in love with Andrej. He is moving to Sweden and invites Lilja to join him with the promise of a job and a nice place to live. but when Lilja arrives in Sweden she realises things are not going to be quite as they are in her dreams.

Review of Lilja 4 Ever - Moodysson makes this type of film really well - his previous film "Show Me Love" is a similar but sweeter story of teenagers isolation / dreams of love and life. What particularly elevates Lilja 4 Ever is the portrayal of Lilja. Oksana Akinshina gives a terrific performance, and brings a real edge to the role.
The reasons I recommend Lilja 4 Ever are: 1. A superb performance by Oksana Akinshina. 2. An excellent story by Moodysson.